Print3D offers you full 3D printing service
  • We print models on  WASP,  Photocentric (DDP) and Flashforge 3D printers
  • Minimum layer height what we can print is 0,025 mm (DDP).                                                                                      Optimum average layer height for printing is 0,15 - 0,25 mm
  • Maximum model size what we can print is 22 cm (diagonal) x 42 cm (height).
  • Finished model cleaning from residue and support structures, polishing and smoothing (ABS, HIPS, HD Glass)
  • If needed, our designer can prepare model for you
  • High quality Formfutura materials for your model you can choose from  here
Just 3 easy steps, from idea to finished product...

 1. Find or make a model:                                       2. Send model file to us:
1. Find the model what you like and download:

2. Make the model by yourself on Freeware:
3. Order model from our designer
  •  Contact us

Email again:
 3. We send quotation
Quotation count next model characteristics :
  • Model preparation
  • Time for printing
  • Material usage
  • If you accept quotation, we start printing...